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Now playing info


we are running several streams with Shoutcast Server without any problems. We also update the "now-playing" info with our own software.

Now we are testing Shoutcast for business, the test-stream is playing well, but we can't get the "now-playing" part working.

On the Shoutcast Serverstreams we do this with a simple httprequest like this :
This works perfectly, when we test it in the browser, a dialog appears that asks for username and password.

However when we try to do same for Shoutcast for Business in the browser, the same window appears, but we aren't able to log on. We suppose that the username is admin, and the pasword is the one that we can see in the settings of the stream (connections page).

So, this is working perfectly with a Shoutcast Server, but not with Shoutcast for business.
Here we test it the same way, only the server-adress is different:

With Shoutcast for business, we only know the password.

So what are we doing wrong, or is there another way to submit songinfo to our stream?

Do you have a solution for this problem?

Best regards,

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