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More stuff, don't know if any of them contains RAP presets.

Post your custom EQ files!! (Metal presets) (Vocal presets) (White Noise Correction presets) (Acoustic preset) (Tin Correction prersets) (Low Bass preset) (hip-hop preset) (drum bass preset) (old thread, some of the links may be out of date)
KWRO - Audioligy EQF Site (note: link) Forums: Opinion: What are the best Equalizer settings? Pictorial reference of various presets for different genres. Although the post shows iTunes as a reference, Winamp's default equalizer bands are close enough so you can get a good representation. For a closer representation, set the EQ to the ISO standard freq bands.

Some of the EQ preset files may be a Winamp.q1 file and other may be
*.eqf (where * represents a file name) file(s).

Winamp.q1 will replace the preexisting EQ presets (default/user) file, so I would suggest to backup the file (as suggested in the previous post) before installing any Winamp.q1 file

*.eqf are individual preset files and can loaded in Winamp by...
Presets button > Load > From EQF
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