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To sum it up:


As mentioned above ... there are stations that use tricks or bad webplayer design
which cause a inflation of the number of listeners ... they may do this on purpose
or in ignorancy (they don't even know it happens)

From my research usually it comes down to triple-ing the real numbers
ie: theres for example 50 UNIQUE LISTENERS
and they manage to somehow 3-fold this number ... so it shows 150 CURRENT LISTENERS
for some mysterious or on purpose reason is using the CURRENT LISTENERS
value instead of the UNIQUE LISTENERS value ... thus helping the fraudsters.


UNIQUE LISTENERS ... indicates the number of ip-adresses that are listening,
it will not take in account if people are using 10 or 100
fake players , rippers or whatever on a same ip-address to inflate their listener numbers.
ie: UNIQUE LISTENERS will allways show 1 listener per ip-adress.

This is a much more fair indication and a representation of the truth.


The listing can take the UNIQUE LISTENER from either:

admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=1 (DNAS status that includes UNIQUE LISTENER stats)

or from

The XML-feed ... as described here

which also includes UNIQUE LISTENER stats.

This will take only a few minutes to program in the source of the
or database that it is connected to ... unless it is a mess (usually the case).


There is no reason why the listening should not show nr of listeners


I don't get it why you have the door open wide for fraude
i cant believe you do not know about this ... so there´s probably a bad excuse for it
to solve some other problem ... its bad programming of the worse kind.


Some stations (like me) work around the clock to create a good station with real audience
I myself have spend maybe 150000 hours on it ... pay everything from my own pocket.

Now comes some criminal (or ignorant) ... he doesnt do anything to improve his station
so he inflates his listener-numbers and therefore his rank on and as a result
also on another 500 portals and apps who base their ranking on (API) , and therefore will get even more listeners (high rank means seen-first) ... that's how a small variation has big effects.


Here´s an example of a trick to triple your listener-numbers ... its simple:

You build your radio-website ... you put 3 embedded players on it (for example jPlayer)

You hide 2 of them (invisible) and set their audio-volume to zero.
The other one visible player controls all 3 players ... and voila each single listener
that comes to your website and hits the playbutton will now cause 3 streams
and that is what shoutcast will show ...pfff !

You could also have 10 hidden embedded players on any website (under your control)
you set them all to autoplay and volume = 0 .. now theres 10 listeners showing up on

Visitor will usually not notice much since 3 or 10 times 128kbs is nothing these days.

Above trick is much better then having 25 instances of winamp or streamripper
on your own pc ... but that could be done too .. there must be 10´s of ways to do it.

In addition (nothing to do with tricks) many mobile phones (both iOs & Android)
and some browsers can not handle streams very well and they may open several streams at the sametime ... instead of the intended only one ... this is not on purpose but bad design of the embedded player i have studied this in extent ... yes even welknown players.

All of the above can be solved by using UNIQUE LISTENERS


Its an important issue ... so i would expect a reply from
or from one of the devs / mods here.

Thank you for your attention
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