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Originally posted by missyob
a cat a bath that hasnt been declawed????
Yeah, cats aren't usually too happy about getting a bath. I'm not sure the cat would have been any less pissed if you'd washed him the old fashioned way.

Usually, if I need to give a cat a bath, I mummy them in a big bath towel, to keep them from hurting themselves or me. Once I get them in the sink, they usually are ok.

I never declaw cats. That's terrible. They should have their self defense mechanisms.

Unlike most of the cats you find, you actually can train them not to scratch you. Like anything else, it just takes some time and patience..... and some bandaids....

Dogs are easier. With Daisy, it's "Bath Daisy... get in the tub.... we make you pretty.... you're pretty....". She'll cringe and hop in the tub.
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