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Originally posted by missyob
awwwwwww............ poor kitten........ but on another note, has anyone here ever given a cat a bath that hasnt been declawed????
Yes! My feline vet used to bathe my AudreyHepburn-Cat
Audrey used to sit in a big warm tub and prrr. I would never declaw a cat. I did clip her nails everyweek. My vet also does have "elbow gloves", which she didn't need for Audrey. Anyway, the vet had one cat a Persian, of all breeds, (they are usually docile), she had to medicate. "Bonkers"(No, I'm not kiddin')growled in his sleep!
Oh, and the video gets an A in Sadistic!
If you wash your kitty in the sink and slowly fill the sink with warm but not hot water and use a hand held spray
that you use to rinse,it's usually not so much of a problem. Start kittys when they are young. But after about six months, unless it's an emergency.

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