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Andreas E.
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I've just found a medium bug in #498 I couldn't find anything about in the forum.


- right-click -- Options -> Preferences -> DirectSound

As clicking on the plus [+] does NOT work, you must select 'Direct Sound' in the menu and press right cursor key to open the tree.

Now click on 'Fading'.

You get an error message.

"Could not load script '%winamp3path%\Wacs\wasabi.player\pcmdsound\xml/scripts/textslidercb.maki'"

There's a reason for the engine complaining, because textslidercb.maki is to be found in


A preliminary "fix" is to just manually copy the textslidercb.maki script into the other scripts directory inside 'pcmdsound' (the one below the wasabi.player tree). Works a treat now.

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