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I think you are making progress: I decided to try the plug-in again tonight, and for the first time, I had 44.1 Khz audio play back with absolutely no static! Also, you should know that besides J.river, your WASAPI implementation is the only plug-in I've used that is capable of switching the sampling rate of my sound card up to 96 Khz from the default of 44.1Khz, when called upon to do so by my music choices. That is no small feat, evidently. There is a caveat though: I cannot go *directly* from playing a 96Khz sampled tune to a 44.1Khz tune. If I do, the plug-in will not make the switch and only plays silence. If that happens, if I push the stop button, and then hit play again, the audio card then correctly changes the sample rate and the audio begins. It appears that perhaps a small crash must take place when this happens as well, because if I watch my process explorer, I notice that a second instance of winamp.exe starts up, freezes, and then terminates once I click the stop button. However, the fact remains that your plug-in being able to manipulate my sound card into the correct sample rate is progress. Strangely, after I played a 96Khz sampled song, I was no longer able to play 44.1Khz songs without static.
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