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Meh, I am not ever going to see the bitmaps at that scale, so as long as in use there is no perceivable difference and it does not effect the performance or stability, I am more than happy with the optimisation.

Even your original hand made bitmaps are presented by a series of red, green and blue dots at varying luminescence, so unless you have control of my GFX card and monitor, it will look however it looks at my end.
I don't have colour profiles for all my monitors or calibration software so your skin already looks different on my PCs, as it will for every one else.

Using a decent optimiser tool allows you to pick different types of algorithm, so you have the options to not induce new artefacts. RIOT is handy for that as you can look at the changes at a massively zoomed in level while trying out the different optimisations.

I have to assume you didn't try a less abusive routine with PNG Crush, or just did it with whatever the defaults are.

Shame developers of this era don't value optimisation. This is why cumulatively with all the hundreds of DLLs and EXEs running in the average session we need such a silly amount of RAM just to host an OS.
A meg here, a half meg there, it all adds up because everyone behaves like they are the only 1 doing it.

I understand you are protective of your work, but at no point did I force sexual intercourse between me and the bitmaps.
Using the word rape like that does not do justice to those that have actually suffered real rape.
Have a go at me by all means but don't resort to BS.

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