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Games: Old or New

So, computer games. Which do you prefer? Am i the only one sick of seeing the classics such as contra ruined in 3d with "great graphics".

Am i the only one sick of seeing crappy reproductions of the same game with different characters or shooting games with the same kind of enemy all the way through and dull dull levels?

What are your personal favroute games? Mine are:
Mario 64
Legend of zelda: Ocarina of time
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Contra 3: alien wars
Streets of rage (i know it's short but the game still ruled)
Tony Hawks Pro Skater (yes the first one. So sue me)
Grand theft auto: vice city
2 player 007 for the n64
Psycho pinball (the oldest of the lot but so addictive it's unreal)

My personal opinion is that games developers don't have any ideas anymore so they have to keep raping the classics until they're officially dead.

Whats your opinion on anything to do with games?

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