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Well, if you ask me, new games seem to lack 2 real things, difficulty and longtivity. For instance lets say Final fantasy games, FF6 was long and chalengeing fun expirence overall. As for FF10...sure it looked nice, but most average video game nerds such as i were trough with it in a week, and thats after the extras. probably the only game genre that trancended into nextgen platforms very well were, fighting games. And thats casue its the same thing over and over all the time(still done well i may add). whew. this is running long. So in short newer the game, better the graphics, are not as fufilling as the old days of snes.

now as for my favorite games, those go like this:
Final fantasy 6
Chrono trigger
soul caliber
GTA: vice city
super metroid(or any metroid for that matter)
and finish the list off with
Lunar 2 eternal blue for the sega CD (i think im one of the few left that remember that ill fated console)
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