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Nintendo have done the most excellent 2d to 3d game ever with mario 64. No question. I think part of the good about it is that if you can't so some of it you can go do a different bit. Much much better playability.

Zelda is a close second. Majoras mask was a bit of a letdown but ocarina of time is one of my all time favroutes. 50 times better than hitman 2. I cleared hitman 2 in one night, first go. Thats pathetic. ocarina of time took me about 2/3 months and about 4 months to get everything on the game. Thats everything. Bottles big poes. The lot. Sad i know but it was about a year ago so no one cares.

Contra 3 alien wars. None of this arsing about with pissy guns at the start, you start with a maching gun with infinite bullets. I love that game. NEWSFLASH FOR GAMES COMPANIES: we don't mind if the notion of infinite bullets is a bit ludicrous, as long as we get to shoot at big interesting things constantly we don't mind.

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