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I'm probably gonna be speaking a bit on a foreign level here (Racing game, as opposed to shooter, RPG, etc.), but Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is probably one of the few games that could easily max out gaming graphics but still keep gameplay for it's genre. Sound effects are one thing, as they sound crisp, such as the tire squeals, engine notes (Although not exact to real life, this is only a game, afterall), the chopper blades, engine sirens, horns, etc. Graphics are smooth, with the cars having little to be seen pixilated in them. Not only do the body of the cars look as smooth as they can get, but you can also see other such things as the interior, driver, and engine from the windows. During gameplay when you up/downshift, you'll see the driver in the car reach for the gear-stick, and move it appropriatly (I.E., down from 1-2, up from 2-3, etc.). Same goes with the lush enviroments, ranging from the track enviroment to the lighting effects. Car damage looks impressive, as you don't see anything like this with lisenced cars for some odd reason. All which include chipped paint, dents, busted windshilds, smoke, busted lights, all those effects.

As for gameplay, it's on a solid level, though it compares more on arcadish-type gameplay than simulator than, say, Gran Turismo. It's a racing game that just fulfils an excitment level when you just want a fast-action racing game with no bullcrap slow cars. Since action is more fast-paced, things feel more quicker as apposed to a simulator. But still, physics are a bit the same, as when it comes to acceleration, traction (An AWD car will jump quicker off the line than a RWD car), handeling (Swifty turning at high speeds can lead to spinning out), etc. Cop pursuits can get challenging, since the cops don't just tailgate you, but also try to run you off the road, as well as set-up various roadblocks and send a helicopter on you. A.I. is also different from most other racing games, since the computer opponent isn't perfect. Sometimes they'll make the turn with no problem, whereas other times they'll screw-up and crash into the wall or other traffic cars. Not to mention, if you're going for a pass for 1st, whoever's at 1st will go their way and run into you just to keep their spot.

Personally, in a racing game, I havn't seen gameplay this exciting thus far with graphics top notch to near perfection like what's featured in NFS:HP2. EASports kind of nailed it on the head with this title, and playing it better describes how fun the game really is than just reading about it.

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