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Well no shit. That's what happens when you scorn too many customers. Back then it was weak styling, weak quality, and weak reliability. I do see them "trying" to improve. But they are gonna need a hit car with the nation that is very reliable, with quality styling and options. And is efficient enough to warrant letting people know that its good.

I'm pretty sure that the car "enthusiasts" on this board will obviously disagree, but its the truth. 90's Pontiac engines were garbage(I don't care what you say). Interiors on many GM cars had weak control knobs and upholstery. Ford had very weak car offerings with many of the same flaws as the GM cars, though their engines had a different problem than the GMs.

I watched my family blow through 9 or so domestic cars over the past 10 years. But my 89' Honda is still kicking till this day. Yes I know, driving habits and blah, blah, blah. But I know the way they drive and I knew how often they maintained the crap. Things didn't add up period.

But anyway, "domestic" car makers(If you can even call them that anymore) have to work themselves out of the hole that they dug so many years back.
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