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Commonly asked questions

Connecting and Disconnecting to

I dont know, but everytime I try to connect to my server, I get this:
<11/01/00@22:35:12> [dest:] starting stream (UID: 0)[L: 1]
<11/01/00@22:35:12> [yp_add] added me successfully
<11/01/00@22:35:12> [dest:] connection closed (0 seconds) (UID: 0)[L: 0]

Does anyone know the problem?

This is perfectly normal, your server will periodically inform that it is online, it's playing <some track> by <someone> and <some people> are listening. Then it will disconnect. Fear not.


How to listen now
How do I create a link on my web site to let people tune into my station?

Easy. Browse to your station: http://someipaddres:someportnumber

Find the "Listen" link, (in IE) right click and select "copy shortcut" this is the link you need, it will look like: http://someserver:someport/listen.pls


Pirating Audio
Is it possible to save a shoutcast stream?

Yes, but it's a bad thing to do, the station is probably paying to have the right to broadcast, and there you go stealing food from musicians

Various software is available on the net to do this, go find it yourself, you can't do it with a default winamp, and that's all I'm saying.


How do I make my station a cluster?

Multiple SHOUTcast servers relaying your signal will automatically appear as a cluster if they aren't doing anything silly like re-encode. Same stuff, same time, same bitrate, same source = cluster.
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