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Screen Settings Fix

I had the same issue with just the Media Library window disappearing. I have an extra monitor that I switch from duplicating, and extending desktop views (Windows 8). I was in duplication view when I attempted to view my ML window by either going to VIEW > Media Library, or by clicking the ML button in the main window, but to no avail the window would not appear. When I switched back to extended desktop view, I eventually found the media library window placed in the far corner of the extended display. So if this disappearing window happens to you, and have a multiple monitor set-up, you may try this fix:
1. Right click on the desktop
3. Under 'Multiple Displays:' select EXTEND THESE DISPLAYS
4. Click APPLY
(If you do not see the ML window, try different placements of the extended monitor around your primary display by dragging the [ 2 ] monitor under the 'Change the appearance of your display' box.)
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