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interesting... i want to be sure i get you though, so let me ask some questions just so i understand:

do you embed your art in the files tag, or do you place it in the folder? it sounds like you embed, which winamp will READ, but winamp will not itself do.

are you saying that a file, any file, will not work if it is greater than 1024x1024 resolution REGARDLESS of filesize? what if only one side is larger than 1024?

there has been much discussion on here of HQ art embeds causing RAM inflation and possibly causing scans to fail/crash.

in my exp, i use folder art. winamp will maintain the aspect ratio, but it only shows art based on its own pre-determined icon sizes, or in the playlist column that the user resizes. by any chance, were you saying you wanted winamp to display the image as is? meaning, not resized for display by winamp?

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