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BUG Report.

Winamp 5.04 flips VP6.x videos and setting "Vertically flip Windows Media videos" in "Directshow decoder" doesnt work.
5.03 behaves correctly.

Video sample.

System specs: AthlonXP 2600+, Asus A7V600, 512Mb DDR400 (Samsung), Creative GeForce 3 Ti200 (drivers from 56.56 to 61.77), onboard audio (SoundMAX Cadenza, drivers, HPT 372 IDE RAID controller with 2x Maxtor DiamondMax 80Gb drives, etc...

OS: Windows XP SP1 with all updates. DirectX 9.0b (build 902)

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Reproduced and reported
[EDIT] NOT fixed in 5.05 [/EDIT]
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