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Version: Winamp 5.05 (Others: Untested with this exact bug, however have worked with similar attempts at similar goal)
OS: WXP PRO SP1 All Hotfixes before SP2

Bug: Open webpage (In mozilla 1.7b, untested in others) with link to a video file (.wmv was used here).

Drag link to winamp (Note: This has worked in the past and I believe for .wmv as well, on winamp 2 and 5 versions) so winamp will begin streaming.

Problem: winamp does not stream. Browser locks up until winamp is closed (still with the "shortcut" icon). Winamp will not open mp3s or play them. (Well, it may open, but it's certainly not playing them, or getting the id3 data).

This type of thing has worked in the past and does not work now. Winamp requires a clean install (I had uninstalled fully and clean installed with NO special plugins to verify) to get it working again.

I do not have a link to give to an example at this moment, but I believe you can put a wmv on a server and try to do this. (Also to test: Make a BROKEN link to a wmv and see if that breaks it, if the original did not. This may have been the problem.)

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