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Winamp mini-browser does not support a timed page refresh. This happens in all versions past 5.03c. Specifically, it will not refresh these pages (which all contain the same refresh code.)

This is imitatable, and it does this with a fresh version of any winamp past 5.03c. Here is a testimony of me, and then someone else who had the same problem, and fixed it by switching back to winamp 5.03c.

The code from the webpage that refreshes it is listed below. It has been kept in its sloppy form as maybe winamp won't understand it because of the way it is written?

PHP Code:
        <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--
cnt 61;

countDown() {
                if (
cnt == 0) {
timers.innerText cnt;

further down the page
PHP Code:
This page will auto-update in <span id="timers">30</spanseconds... 
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