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New to SHOUTcast & wanting to setup an radio (HELP PLZ)

Hello to all i'm jonathan & i am bout to start hosting an on-line radio for a lot of djs in the (DFW - Texas) & i can use some help on what i should use to make this happin?

Here is a list of what i have to use & what i need..

  • Server: (2) Dell / PowerEdge SC1425 whit 4 x Intel Xeon 3.20GHz (64-BIT), 4 GB of Ram & 1x 1TB Hard Drive. (One is Running: Windows Server 2003 SP 2.0) & (Two is Running: Windows Server 2008 r2 sp1) Note: Can run any OS if need be & the two servers are running from my house that has a 7Mb line an can get big if need be.
  • Web-Host: Unlimited Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Databases @
  • SHOUTcast DNAS 1.9.8 (Current Stable Version)
  • Winamp 5.62 (No sound card so i am running N.O.P. Null output plugin v1.0)

  • Deejay: A way to let dj's play live over the internet / no being hooked up at my house, some type of login sys would be nice!
  • Website: A way to show what/who is playing & a good Content management system that an run a site like this would be nice!
  • Playlist: A way to have playlist play at set-times like 1am - 2am an etc. A program or plugin would be nice.
  • A way to stream to all type's of device's. maybe like a file or some then that connect the device(s) to my radio.

That is really all i can think of, So umm yeah if anyone can help me whit this? & If you help me an we get this up & running ill give you some web-space, link on the page whit a thank you page for who all helped out, or some then for helping.

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