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Hi josemarroyo,

The Edcast Winamp Plugin is not on the main Winamp website and it's developer
has closed his website. This may indicate that there are problems with this plugin
and if so, there is noone to fix it. Anyway, you should be able to find the last version
released 3.1.21, on the WEB.

That said, If you have installed the LAME MP3 encoder package it should be in the
"LAME" folder under the "Program Files (x86)" folder (under Win 7 64 bit). In the
"LAME" folder is the "lame_enc.dll" file. If you really need this encoder you can copy
it to the Winamp plugins folder. There should be a version of this DLL (could be the
same version) already in the plugins folder. Back it up before you replace it.

Before you do that, I suggest you follow the instructions for setting up Edcast in
the following link.

Good Luck. Even if you get Edcast working, I suggest you start looking for a
supported alternative.
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