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In search of a freelance technician to help run Shoutcast Server

Website: (temporary)
mIRC: GamesNET #Vortex-Radio
Owned by: Havoc

I am posting this message because we at Vortex Radio are in need of a freelance Server Technician to help run our shoutcast server. Havoc, the owner, owns a Half-Life Mod Server Company, A Gaming Clan, A Website Production and Hosting Site, and much more, therefore his time is stretched among many different tasks and projects.

Problems: Server runs fine from Havoc's location, however, some people who are DJ'ing connect to broadcast, then after about 6-10 minutes, the server d/c's the broadcaster and when the broadcaster tries to reconnect, it does for 30 seconds or so with 0 bytes being transferred, so in essence, the broadcaster cannot sync with the server (I am guessing)

If you are a freelance technician, and looking to help out a station in need, and have Shoutcast server knowledge and experience, please contact Havoc:

AIM: havocvortex
mIRC: GamesNET #Vortex-Radio

Thank you.
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