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Treat every file format as an individual one - and not only some of them

There is this nasty problem. If you will dig through all this thread, you will know what exactly how it happens:

But you can skip that or read just only this post

and acknowledge this conclusion below [backed by my empirical data from that thread and confirmed there by the user TheGuyinShades]:

because some of the file formats are added by Winamp to the Registry as the same "Winamp.File" value, they create a hard to break group in the Registry. Membership in that group makes every format in it inherit the same settings- like an icon. And so when the user is trying to change icon for one, the change occurs also for all of the other files

If you want to test this claim out then try this: change by whatever means the icon for the e.g. MP3 and FLAC and then for APE and M4A [using of course 4 different icons]. Assuming that all of these formats are associated on your Windows with Winamp, you will get an individual icon for MP3 and FLAC, but for APE and M4A you will get one and the same. And that is because APE and M4A function in the Registry as "Winamp.File", while MP3 functions there as "Winamp.File.MP3" while FLAC as "Winamp.File.FLAC"
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