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and some of us have lives outside of working 24/7 as some users getting things for free expect.

firstly, all of the documentation on how to run it is at (as well as being included in the installer).

secondly, you're demanding a reply to an issue 6.5hrs after the first posting on a friday night (ignoring it's the holiday season) and what happened to be posted 3hrs after i'd stopped for the day. replies can take a while to come and really i can think of better things to be doing on a saturday night (especially xmas eve then having to reply to this).

SHOUTcast has _never_ been about a one-click and go approach - maybe it should be more like that but it's not and you're getting what you get. if you don't like it, fine - no one is going to force you to use it.

and finally, with the issue you poorly reported in (no OS details & no version of the DNAS - pretty much a post i would generally avoid), a quick google search throws up and an issue with an Intel Wireless driver.

and i'd love to see the post you're referring to.

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