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Originally Posted by daverogers View Post
My shows are not plying on time but 10 to 20 minutes after.
that's most likely from how the events will wait for the currently playing item to complete before it moves onto the next item. is a noted wish to allow for the event to be stopped / interrupted at the exact time required (though no eta when it'll make it in).

Originally Posted by daverogers View Post
I have made the schedual so that the "offline" playlist plays whenever there is no show. I removed the default playlist from the sc_trans confg but when I do this the transcoder will not start. What priority is the default list?
i would have probably set the offline playlist as the default playlist for the Transcoder without it being setup as an event as the Transcoder will always fallback to using that if there is no active event (which sounds like is what you're wanting). it has a priority of 0 or -1 (cannot remember for certain - is one below the minimum in the docs).

i may have to double-check the Transcoder not working if there's no main playlist but events are scheduled to run as it probably should do something in that case.

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