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I hope you make the border more complex and/or organic than that. Likewise, I hope you do more than just a straight line to separate the EQ from the PL (I'm guessing you will)
yes, it will...but im going to try to prevent the whole skin from being forced to the "standard" stacking order

but I don't like (as I don't think it does the rest of the skin justice) the way the bumpy sections on it (you know, the ones that do, or will, hold the cbuttons) are so square. Make them more curved/melted/sexy
yup right now they are just quick duplicate layers.

The top left of this protruding cbutton structure just fades away with a gradient at the moment. Are you going to attach it to something?
i didnt know what to do with that yet so i added a gradient to fill it in for now.

i already got some more buttons in....the preset button is a rock type platform that has sunk into the lava and it looks cool IMO.

i dig that underworld idea too, but the rest of the skin hasnt wreaked enough havoc to make it look good. but if i do something like that, it will definately be in the pl.
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