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1- fixed annoying yellow fire color(top right area)
2- sinking preset button.
3- eq on/off/auto area.
4- fixed cbuttons(well, i think its better)
5- made the lava look better, still not lava good though.

1. That looks better. More interesting and less in-your-face. Looks like some more work wouldn't hurt it though - especially towards the top

2. The button looks cool. But see [5]

3. Yep. There they are

4. Much better. Though the left-most one is sharper than the others now. Soften up its edges a bit.

5. If you didn't say that it was lava, I never would have known. It took me a few moments to actually find the lava as it was. I don't know what you need to do to make it more lava like, but it's got a fair bit of work on it left, IMO. For a start, I think it's too smooth and should probably look considerably more violent. Try giving it a rougher texture, more shine/glow, bubbles, steam/smoke rising off it, maybe a volcano in the background to give the viewer a cue.........

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