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First of all, 2.9 and 5.04 are no longer supported.
Only 5.08d or 5.08e are supported.

You say you did a clean install, as per these instructions...

However, that warning message sounds similar to the one which comes from the 3rd-party Dynamic Library plugin (Prefs > Dynamic Library > General tab > Display warnings when about to perform potentially slow operations).

Where are you enqueing files/folders from?
From Windows Explorer folders?
From the Winamp media library?
From a 3rd-party plugin window, such as Dynamic Library?
From somewhere else?

Re: HJT log
If you're going to attach it, then you need to save it as hijackthis.txt instead of hijackthis.log (txt files are valid for attachments, but log files aren't).
Either that, or just copy+paste the FULL text into your next post in this thread.
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