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Add Select All (Ctrl+A) Option To Artist & Album Panes Of ML SmartViews

Might I request the ability be added (or plugin created) ...
to Select all (Ctrl+A) within the top two panes of ML SmartViews
(ex. The Artist pane and the Album pane).

'Select all' is currently available within the Song pane of ML SmartViews.
This command is accessible via it's typical Hotkey of Ctrl+A
or by right-clicking and selecting ‘Select all’ via the context menu.

I realize there currently exists an 'All' option at the top of the respective lists appearing in the top two panes. However, should one want to select all but a few items in a list, the most efficient means of doing this ... selecting all and then deselecting the few items not wanted (by holding the Ctrl key down while clicking) ... is not possible without the 'Select all' option available.

Thank you for your consideration.
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