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Bilingual (naturalized citizen) Mexican-American Spanish teachers are quite common.

I did get a good laugh from the joke though.

Good cost cutting:

Get rid of the insanely expensive required NCLB-compliant state testing - they change requirements every fucking year requiring us to buy new/revised textbooks all the time that have prices people have a lot of trouble believing. Textbooks are in huge demand because of this, creating wildly high prices. The money spent on recording and analyzing test scores by non-school officials is very high, even though it could be done for a lot less by teachers and administrators.

Re-allow parent volunteers to help in the classroom instead of paying equally-unqualified aides. Volunteers are not allowed any more in a lot of schools because of administrators' misinterpretation of FERPA.

Stop giving school districts' money to charter schools, who get far more per student than the nearby local public school.

Stop the levy system in states that have it - school officials spend far too much time and money on public-relations when they can do better being educators.

Get rid of or lower the overpayment of the "double dippers" - people who get a full retirement while also getting a full time paycheck from the school. These people also rob jobs from recent college graduates. If someone does want to come out of retirement and start working again, they should have to choose between retirement pay or school district pay, not both.

There are a few others, but these alone would help a lot.

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