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I've managed to get v5.56 installed in Windows 7 after a couple dozen different installation configurations. The one component that was causing most of the problem was 'CD Rip & Burn':

I disabled it in the 'Core Media Library Components' section of setup, and after installation Winamp ran correctly without freezing as it had been doing.

However I was still getting the error message while Winamp was processing its installation that
athegn mentioned in his recent post.
Early on in install I got this mesage:-

Winamp Installer
"There was a problem installing components. CD Ripping/Burning may not function properly.. '-1'"
That message disappeared after disabling 'Sonic Ripping/Burning support' in the 'Multimedia Engine' section of the setup options.

I use Exact Audio Copy for ripping CDs, so I don't need that feature.

I'm wondering if this is the same problem that has caused other people's problems with installing v5.56 in Win7.

If any developers are interested I can offer more details such as how upgrading my sound drivers may have caused the problem. I've had v5.56 running in several Win7 beta installations and never ran into any problems before this.


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