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That ought to be enough equipment to take 90% of the photos a guy would take. I always found I over used telephoto lenses. I found I got better pictures by using a 50mm and dealing with it. My thinking is that it's easier to compose pictures that you can see with your eyes and the camera. If you use a telephoto, you can't see what you are taking a picture of with the naked eye. That's a problem. The best viewfinder isn't as good as the naked eye. Compose with the naked eye and make the camera see it.

I never thought macrophotography or astrophotography was that interesting. I have played with both. Mostly in film days. ....but... for macrophotography, macro lighting is probably gonna be more help than a macro lens. Getting little stuff lit is a pain in the ass. Lights with a macro filter is gonna be better than no lights and a macro lens.
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