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No vehicle payment here, just the vehicle paying me (I've been hauling a lot of truck/trailer loads of scrap). I do have to put garbage bags on the seat when I do scrapping. I have to walk through a landfill or barn, wrap chains around shit, then drive to pull it out, and do it again over and over. That scrap rust rubs on everything I touch. The door handle, shift knob, and steering wheel turn orange from it but clean easily. The seat is fabric and probably doesn't clean easily, hence the bags.

When I bought this truck, I knew I needed everything it offers and that it would be used to work for the next decade or two, and that I had no interest in putting a lot of maintenance or work into it. A pressure washer and a couple baby wipes (and some vacuuming if I forgot to switch out the driver's mat) make it look brand new, even after a lot of work.

The truck really wasn't all that expensive as far as new ones go. It has already paid for itself anyway, and is quite good on gas as far as trailer-pullers go. It does need its first replacement tires now though. That will be rough. It needs tires that can pull stumps and scrap out of collapsed barns, and cars out of ditches in the winter, while still having treadlife of a daily driver during the school year. I'm currently looking at BF Goodrich All-Terrains, which is what the truck was sold with, which were decent and are affordable compared to competitors. I prefer Michelin quality, but they don't really make worthy all-terrain tires, and Michelin owns BFG anyway.

I still need 4-wheel-drive and some ground clearance even as a daily-driver, or else I couldn't leave home or get back home in the rain or snow where I live during the school year, hence the Rav4 4x4. The path to the house is just too rough and steep for an everyday car like my old Camry. Those that visit park at the bottom and get taxied. An econo-box wouldn't work for us for that reason.

If someone wants to borrow the truck, they borrow me with it. I just can't let it go the way I used to with the older one, but I'm ok spending the time and doing favors.

I don't really believe in trucks that are meant only mostly to look good. I don't believe almost any truck can look all that good unless it's pulling, hauling, camping, or off-roading. Save the looks for exotic and luxury cars. I wouldn't have bought a Toyota if looks were what I wanted; other brands look at least a little better, but I love what Toyotas do, with no unnecessary distraction.

I have 200K miles ahead of each of these 2 vehicles, and won't have to think about vehicles or their issues during that time. I just think about what I need or want to do, and the vehicles just sorta do it, leaving me time to worry about other things.

I'll have some pics later of some of the work that's been done.

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