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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
...Your translation file is a bit..weird.
I figured it would be wrong. Never would've guessed weird. lulz I have replaced my de-de language file with yours and it will be included on the next release (which will be soon~ish since I found some small coding errors.)

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
It seems, that you missed to localize one string:...

The circled part of the string in the image was taken from Winamp, not generated from the w5s plugin. The only part of that string that is from the w5s is the <NoEmbed> part. The reason why it's not localizable is because I return it from the calls to api_albumart::GetAlbumArtTypes(...) and api_albumart::GetValidAlbumArtTypes(...). I was going to localize it but during my preliminary testing to see what would be required to do it I discovered that the strings I was receiving were not localized. I figured why bother to localize the plugin if it wouldn't work anyways.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post

The 'Writer' config presets are not loacalizable either.
I also think the English word 'Writer' does not explain what this config is meant to do. You really should add some short explanation text.
"Writers" was what I came up with at the time when I wrote the plugin. Was drawing a blank so I just used the generic WASABI object type. That part of the configuration gets a bit deeper than probably what most people would get into anyways and since the writer object configuration parameters/values aren't localizable I figured it would be enough for those brave enough to venture into the belly of the beast.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
The 'Presets' dropdown list...
Not following the reference. I don't have a presets dropdown.
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