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I know I am brand new here, but I just want you to know that if you make the switch to Streamlicensing you are in good hands.
I went with Streamlicensing right after Loucaster went dark and have been nothing but happy with them. I am getting nothing out of referrals or anything for this, Marvin is a just a good dude. They have experience in terrestrial broadcasting so they know the ins and outs of the business. I have had zero issues and they always keep in touch about maintenence etc. I have gotten very good and -most importantly-good advice from Marvin and the crew there. They are pretty consistant about expanding services and they have some pretty cool in house services-like iFraming your player page to look like your page etc. They regularly ask for feedback and seem to actually LISTEN. It may seem like they are a bit slow at implementing new things-but I think that is because they take care to make them right the first time.
The one thing they lack is much of a feeling of online community-the forums are kinda dead, unlike Loudcaster. That is something I miss, but it can be made up for elsewhere.
Any other questions hit me up.
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