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Suddenly Winamp freezes/crashes every time I try to play most mp3s

Windows 7 Ultimate 64
i5 2500k
Winamp 5666

The OS installation is about 2 months old, so pretty fresh. I'm running Winamp without any added plugins, and it's run without problem for me on this new install until now (and for the past 16 or so years, too).

Winamp was running just fine yesterday when I shut my PC off for the night, but on launching it today, any time that I try playing an mp3, the seek bar doesn't move, and if I click on the UI after starting to play an mp3, the cursor does its thinking animation, and if I click it again, it crashes.

So far, the only mp3 in my small playlist that doesn't cause this crash is one for the Secret of Mana soundtrack - and that one plays normally, but all the rest cause this crash.

The only thing I did out of the ordinary with my PC yesterday was install virtual desktops for Windows 7:

And I was running 2 instances of winamp simultaneously across multiple virtual desktops. I don't know if this could have affected winamp, but I did an uninstallation of the program and reinstalled it, and the same problem persists in the fresh winamp installation.

The problem also persists if I start my PC up and don't run the virtual desktops enabler.

The problem that I have sounds like the one described here:

When I uninstalled winamp, I chose to keep my user preferences. I'm going to try uninstallation again without keeping them, doing a clean installation:
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