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We are Radionomy - we have big balls...

No, no, Radionomy do the right way - like always!*

With the ad program they earn only 50% of the ads in the streams (50% revue).
So I understand that they need earn more money with the PREMIUM HIGH END BOOST XTREME FEATURES likes SSL and ... WOW ... AAC+ support!
But why so cheap? lol

Sorry guys, what's wrong with you?
I miss AOL.

Here any suggestions:
2.6.0+ will be ok with all features like the old version (2.5.5)
Decrease the revue-share -> TS earn more with ads (less for radio owner but who cares?) but than no limitations in normal DNAS
If some users need really "premium" features (for example: Better stats in new RMO, better ad intigrations (insert instead of replace), etc.) than he can upgrade

*Included saraksm.
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