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Originally posted by mc^^^^

that and the fact that many of the good reviwers had their privlige stripped for untrustworthy reasons... but we wont go therr
Who had privelages stripped?, the only reviewer who has been removed is BH, and if you would like to get into that argument, then please do, because I'm about at my limit of people saying BH is some kind of matyr, for every one reason you will come up with, I'll give you two against.

Now, back on topic, does anyone know what the original comments for G2 should be, or should I just take them from any readme's I find?

/never mind, updated it with the readme info from the skin, wait for DB refresh.

/I'll update the review at a later date once it's refreshed.

In future, I'd be greatfull if you have any database issues, you would PM one of the reviewers with them, not all the reviewers frequent this forum, You'll get a faster response that way.
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