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DJ Egg
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I looked at the logs...

The winamp and dir Play/Enqueue command lines are correct.

I can only assume that it's either one of those disabled services to blame (not sure which one though), but some of them should be set to Manual instead of Disabled.

Or it's one of those funky Explorer policies to blame.

Did you create those policies manually, or did you use some 3rd-party app to do it?


No, no-one's ever reported having this particular issue.
There has been reports where play/enqueue didn't work at all, because the DCOM service was disabled...

Apart from that, try another clean install of Winamp, and make sure you delete the whole Winamp folder before reinstalling it (see the Clean Install instructions for further info, backups, etc).

I'm pretty certain that error message you were getting is from the Dynamic Library plugin. Are you saying that you've never installed Dynamic Library before?
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