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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
am i reading thinktink's post correctly...
Yes sir, you are, and I do realize that the current log file location is a bit of a problem on those OS listed. However, I've yet to find a complete solution that also handles multiple instances running from the same install and the conflicts that would invariably arise even if I do move them to the %APPDATA%\... folder. And since these are log files and not configuration files, I don't believe stuffing them into the %APPDATA%\... folder is appropriate anyways. Ideally they should be put into some kind of common log folder outside both the hidden %APPDATA%\... subfolders and the not-as-hidden %PROGRAMFILES%\... subfolder. I decided to delay moving those files until I find a better and more appropriate spot for them, the reasoning behind this is to reduce confusion for the user to the location of the log files between versions and to reduce the complexity involved with moving existing log files to an even newer location, whether it be with the plugin installer or the plugin itself or both.

Maybe I'm just thinking too hard but I'd rather not not plan ahead.
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