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Great as soon as i can i will try your solution and let you know

Originally Posted by kzuse View Post
AVS needs an audio signal sent through Winamp's audio output stage, which is normally not the case with MIDI (you can get it to work for MIDI files played through in_midi with some tweak in in_midi's settings, but that won't help you further with your MIDI keyboard).

Theoretically, what you could try to do is:
- Install a Sequencer app which can play back incoming MIDI notes via a Windows MIDI output (i.e., a "Thru" function)
- Install a MIDI software synthesizer such as Yamaha S-YXG50, or use Windows' internal Roland GS Synth (which does sound somewhat crappy, but for a first test it should be enough)
- Make sure you hear the notes you are playing through your computer's speakers.
- In XP, run "sndvol32 /r" and select "Stereo Mix" or similar as recording device; set it to a medium level. If there are "Mute" Checkboxes, mute all except "stereo mix".
- Win 7: Go to the sound settings, right click in the white area, select "Display hidden(deactivated) devices", and select "Stereo mix" or similar

- Open Winamp, right click the "Eject" button and select "Open Address" (or "Open URL", don't know the wording in the English Version). There, enter linein:// and Open.

- Open AVS. Play some notes and see if it works...

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Great as soon as i can i will try your solution and let you know
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