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I had, all of a sudden, the same problem. I found out, about it, when I opened my media library, it said that the database was corrupted, so i went to Preferences-> Local Library and pressed "Rescan now". After a while winamp crashed. I found out by accident, the solution. I put in the media library, one folder per "Scan now". So, as i was proceeding fine, at one folder it crashed again but i did not close winamp. At the winamp preferences -> local library window, right under the button "Scan now" it displayed the last track that it was responsible for crashing Winamp. So, out of curiosity, I opened windows explorer and found the track. I have media info installed on my pc. In the folder of the track that was responsible for crashing winamp, were other mp3s also. The other mp3s played fine. With media info checked the codecs and stuff for the mp3 that it was causing the problem and the other mp3s. The mysterious thing is that all mp3s of the folder had the same codecs and bitrate, e.t.c. Note, that those mp3s did not have any album art. So, i deleted the mp3 causing the crashing and everything it is ok, now! Just remember to stay on the winamp preferences->local library window, so when it will crash, you can see the track responsible. Wish this will help.
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