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Quinto Black CT v2.3 (Release)

Skin Name: Quinto Black CT v2.3
Author: PeterK.
Type: Modern Skin
File Extension: wal
SHA-1: D880EFB55DE26EEF1C4D1F4B57C595B01118D61D
Size: 2,55 MB


- added: Playlist Editor2 feature
- added: shadows to Main Player, Equalizer, VU Meter (analog & digital), Frequency Response Graph, Spectrum Analyzer
- added: CD case in real life size
- added: A-B Repeat feature
- added: windows are now here resizable: left, bottom left, bottom, bottom right, right
- changed: too long file names get "..." at the end in Track Bookmarks and Playlist Editor2
- changed: background color of selected track in Playlist Editor (from black to dark red)
- changed: made standard frame four pixel wider - more space for component name and caption buttons
- changed: AlbumArt has now NoFrame background instead of standard frame
- changed: standard button color from dark gray to dark blue
- changed: frame color in NoFrame is dark blue, not black anymore

Download Link: Here.


Additional notes:

1) in order to see shadows you have to check "Enable Desktop Alpha Blending" in the Skin => Modern Skins => General tab in the Preferences window.
2) You can easily scale the CD case using Scaling option from the main context menu if it is too big for you.
3) I do not have any influence on the font size in those edit boxes in Playlist Editor 2 where you enter track numbers.
4) It might happen that there is a dark gray rectangle on the Playlist Editor2 window. I am conviced that this glitch has to do with those <edit boxes> in which we enter digits. As soon as you move your mouse pointer it will disappear. I already made a post about it, so let us hope this will not happen in Winamp's coming update version.
5) please remember to use ENTER on your keyboard instead of TAB while using the Playlist Editor2 feature.
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