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jnetlib.dll prevents in_mp3 & in_mod load

************EDIT PLEASE READ************
This problem was caused by a errant plugin that was left behind from Winamp 5.666. Replacing the jnetlib to the 5.8 version fixed the issue. I am so glad I am able to go back to the newest 5.8 version


1) Download jnetlib.dll from:
2) Place file in Winamp main directory (/Winamp)

1) (Ensure "jnetlib.dll" is in Winamp main directory)
2) Launch Winamp
3) Try to play any MP3 file.
4) Go to options and observe that in_mod and in_mp3 are not loading
5) Try playing an MP3 file to confirm that in_mp3 is not loading.
6) Close Winamp
7) Remove jnetlib.dll
8) Re-launch Winamp and confirm it's working again

1) I honestly don't know what i've used jnetlib.dll in the past. I try to run a lean Winamp setup. I suspect it might have come from OPUS compatibility (ATTN Dr Egg?)
2) I have removed it from the main dir and all is working again, but this can't be expected behavior.
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