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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
It seems that your server is sending the title info out-of-band as I can see no relevant metadata in the stream data itself. I'll have to record the raw bits later to investigate but so far that's what it looks like.
Hello, please don't waste your time for me on that, 'cause actually we found out that this server implementation has many other issues, and we adapted a self-mantained streaming server (distreamer) to work with OGG streams and ICY metadata together.

Now, the result is really good, except for a small issue: the metadata update isn't as fast and precise as with other media formats.
We put a timestamp on the end of the title and we use it on the other end to align playback between different locations and some other stuff.

If you try to play in Winamp you can see the metadata is correctly updating (about) once per second, while playing the OPUS test stream at the update doesn't have the same precision.

I know it's an uncommon use case, but if you could fix that we'd be finally ready to switch to OPUS on some internal streams and it would be a huge quality improvement

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