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Originally posted by PAK-9
I have the polar opposite approach to gta games, I spend 99% of my time just dossing around and enjoying being immersed in a virtual world. Somehow its almost infinately replayable to me.
Maybe if the world was truly immersive then I might have had a bigger opinion of it, it did try though and did have a lot of extra stuff in there to keep you occupied, but perhaps not enough.

Maybe in the next installment they will truly crack the immersive world, imagine being able to go into every building, everyone in the game was an individual rather than just a clone of someone else, that would be truly something, if they can squeeze that into a stand alone console game and not have to go online to do it, then they will probably hook more people.

My main point of all this, and it goes back to my first post in this thread, GTASA has been hyped up to the roof as being 'the best console game experience you'll ever have" etc etc, when on the face of it, it wasn't that big a leap from VC, more of a refinement. III to VC was a huge leap, VC to SA was more of a hop sideways.

That might, and probably is, a limit of technology today, here's hoping that 2006/7 and a new gen of consoles brings something truly spectacular and not just another rehashing of the same format.
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