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well i under stood the first, and i lost you right here------->"then by MAKI, modify the eq bands depending with the sliders action. you should also, by MAKI, reposition the sliders depending on EQ bands changes"

i know this is alot to ask for, but do you have anything on hand that i could use?

edit: im using this type of code


EQBand1.onSetPosition(int p) {
Float f;
f = p;
f = ((f / 6.35)-0);
if (f >= 0) setTempText("60 Hz: " + "+" + integerToString(f));
if (f < 0) setTempText("60 Hz: " + integerToString(f))

on each band to update the songticker,

if i was to do the slider the way you mentioned,would the above code still work or not?

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