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I have a 2.53ghz pentium f-f-f-f-four.
512m-m-m-mega bytes o' pc800 rdram it in your rear.
and 120GB hard drive 7200rpm hardrives blow. They are so fucking slow. Mabey they are fine for everyday computer use, but I work with large as files from 50MB to 8GB's (ie audio, video, and graphic files).

So I'm going to be buying two of these sexy beast's. The 73GB 15,000RPM Maxtor Atlas 15k.

I also am about to get a usb2.0/firewire combo pci card, along with tje ATI All In Wonder 9700.

Down the line I will purchace a new motherboard, 1) so I can overclock my 2.53Ghz P4, and 2) so I can have a board that supports the new superfast DDR memory just becoming popular. I am just not taking advantage of what my system has to offer with PC800 rdram.
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