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Originally posted by Atmo

Agreed. Unless youre serious about recording, or you have an extremely high quality multi channel amp/speaker setup youre not see much improvement.

May as well post my current specs.

AMD athlon thunderbird 1400@1595 (145x11)
MSI KT3ultra2 with everything onboard disabled.
512mb kingmax cas2 pc2100
ASUS GF4 ti4400 Core@ 310 mem@655
SBlive value
NEC Pci usb2.0
Realtek Network card
2x20gb seagate baracuda IV
1 60gb seagate baracuda IV
Ricoh 16x12x32 cdrw
Black rounded ide cables
No floppy drive (ugh)
Fans, thermal switches, fan speed controllers and other shit like that.
Samsung syncmaster 17" monitor (and 51cm tv connected to the tv out)
MS internet pro keyboard
MS intellimouse optical
MS intellimouse explorer wireless
MS sidewinder pro gamepad
Thrustmaster 360 modena wheel
Logitech wingman joystick (dont play flight sims much anymore)
Big donkey kong figurine on top of monitor, plus other toys scattered around the desk.
Topower 420watt psu
Black midtower with perspex window and high intensity red LED case light.
AMD and msi stickers
Netcomm 56k external modem
Marantz/sharp component stereo
Other junk i've forgotten about....
WOW, oh WOW, I don't even know what 90% of that is and I'm impressed.
I have a Sony Vaio 15" with a lot of sofware .{oh and very good DSL}
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