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I had seen the newest TV-news in the last 2 months.

It happens to many single people, couples and families: Suddenly the can lose their home and all their material goods not only because of different nasty people and different nasty actions, they can lose everything also because of fire, flood, storm, earthquake, house collapse. And for the future it will happen more often.

In June there were many forest fires, for example in California, British Columbia, Portugal, Greece, and mostly the long heat periods had caused them. A woman had screamed: "My house, my house...". I think, I myself would have got a nervous breakdown in such a situation. Then there were the many flooding in Berlin and Brandenburg on 29th and 30th June. Especially in Leegebruch many single-family-houses had been damaged. After that all the furniture had to go to the garbage and also the electrical appliances were scraped. Will the big insurances pay for the big damages? Many people are ruined totally.

In the TV they had said, such huge amounts of rain and many floodings in Berlin would happen only every 100 years, and the previous time it had happend before the Fifties had ended, before Frank and I had been born. But I am afraid, for the next time we don't need to wait 100 years anymore...

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